• Matthieu Vallin

The New Face of Taboo: Male Fertility, Egg-freezing, and Surrogacy platforms

Healthcare should be designed for people, not patients. While it is always tough to face existential health challenges like reproductive health, sexual health, and menopause, it’s even tougher through the traditional healthcare system in these uncertain times.

In today’s context, both men and women are thinking hard about relationships and family-planning, and startups are paying attention.

Direct-to-consumer companies such as Dadi, an at-home sperm collector and cryogenic storage company (which just raised $2m) are making it easy tackle tough health concerns. The startup Lilia also recently closed a seed round of $1.4m to provide women with egg-freezing guidance and encouragement.

As femtech and taboo markets move out of fertility and into new areas like adolescent health, menopause, and sexual rejuvenation, we expect a swarm of hyper-growth D2C startups to be acquired by consumer health companies.

Looking a few years ahead, the more nascent spaces in taboo markets include male fertility, egg-freezing, surrogacy, and sexual rejuvenation platforms. More on this soon.