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Breakthrough digital ventures in life sciences. 


ventures launched.

The following digital ventures were launched or piloted in partnership with corporates and startups.

My role is to advise corporates on the most attractive strategic opportunities, and enable them to build and pilot ventures. 

Partnerships with startups are common - their speed and agility complements corporates technology capabilities and go-to-market reach.


ventures concepts.


What are the hyper-growth opportunities in healthcare and life sciences?

The following concepts are venture hotspots: an incandescent intersection between an emerging consumer need and a differentiated technology. Add to mix a sustainable business model, and all the elements are there for a successful pilot. 

Spotting the right startups is essential to establish a rapid route to first revenues.

research and insights.


Technology, data science, and healthcare are merging fast.

Consumer health and pharmaceutical companies can either harness technology advancements through research collaborations and pilots, or buy their way into the market through M&A.

Following are insights for technology, consumer health, pharmas and biotech on establishing new market-entry propositions and hyper-growth ventures.